Back East…Back in Time

8 04 2015
So glad we were able to visit Great Aunt Carolyn.  She is a zany gal! Loved visiting the spots we went when I was a kid, spending our summers in Massachusetts.

So glad we were able to visit Great Aunt Carolyn. She is a zany gal! Loved visiting the spots we went when I was a kid, spending our summers in Massachusetts.



Mister Fisher

24 01 2015

So, today B fishes…with the Misses….talking about how to fish, B said, “you put fish bait on a hook, throw it into the water. Then you wait. You have to be quiet, that will be hard for me. I like to breathe loud.”

What!?! Another post??!?

28 09 2014

But it surely seed as if I’d fallen from the face of the planet!!


Just engulfed by the harsh and tiring realities of raising a son (who is 4 and a freaking half now), being a wife, and working full time. And when I say “engulfed” – I mean engulfed!!!

This week we coined the phrase “Mom Fail” when I (or my wife) fail to get something done…like sunscreen before school or packing a snack for after swim lessons. Truth be told, there are so many Mom Fails…what I am trying is to own them, talk about them with lil’ B and show him how to move on after you “fail”. Teaching failure recovery, how to discuss the failure, reflect upon what may have caused the failure, and demonstrate what to do with that failure is current Job #1.

B will surely fail more than he succeeds…especially if he is really trying, really taking (calculated, I hope) risks. I want him to be in the habit of getting up, dusting off the remnants of the failure, and…moving forward to try again.

So, it is with this tone that I re-enter the blogging world….no flogging myself in remorse about the several years lapse…just acknowledge the failure….and move on.

Double agent

17 11 2011

Somehow, I am leading two lives. At school I am obliged to teach to the test, well, to the standards…worded in the same format as the test…”the test”

At home, I seek creative ways to engage my son as an inquirer, bringing him to the brink of learning opportunities, allowing him to explore and find his passion…develop his talents.


What has happened to the institution of education…or has it always been this way and as an oblivious, creative soul…I didn’t realize it??!?

In any case, Mom’s gotta pay the mortgage and keep health insurance for the ‘fam. Plus, in whatever ways possible, I feel compelled to try keeping some creativity amidst the bubble in quizzes and progress monitoring….but it is hard.

Aviary on 34th

23 06 2011

Aviary on 34th a video by merrymaryallegra on Flickr.

It is lovely….the beautiful birds singing…but they are relentless in their pursuit of the perfect trill and warble!


2 06 2011

Today 112 students from my school and I (and 11 other adults) sent a message to the universe (and others around the world) that is so layered:


Just let that ruminate for a bit. Sit with it.


Rain is good luck!

29 05 2011

Lana’s new job is wonderful, awesome, and great…just what our family needed. Though, there are a lot of weekends to work,’even holiday ones like Memorial Day. (and Labor Day and 4th of July…) so, today’s rain on this holiday weekend is actually welcomed. With the rain brought a cancellation. This means, we get to spend the day as a family! Yay! B and I were going to head over to a friend’s party…now all 3 of us can go. Woot woot! Hope this doesn’t happen for other holiday weekends, but right now…we welcome the unexpected time together. 😉 hope you are out enjoying this weekend…and rain, too.